Airway contractility

Airway contractility

Using our organ bath or wire myographs for larger and smaller airways respectively, we are able to determine the bronchoconstrictive or bronchorelaxatory effects of a test compound in ex vivo human tissue.

Figure 1 shows the effects of drugs on isolated rings of human bronchi; such studies can be conducted in large conducting airways or small bronchi, providing information on responses throughout the bronchial tree.

Only human test systems truly reflect the human responses to drugs, even the most commonly used animal models of respiratory function, the guinea pig, fails to replicate all human responses (see Table 1). Human airways respond similarly to histamine; however, the responses to acetylcholine are markedly different. Using human tissues avoids uncertainties in decision-making based on animal models.



pD2 acetylcholine

pD2 histamine



5.31 ± 0.27

Guinea pig


5.31 ± 0.72



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