GI Ex vivo cultures

GI Ex vivo cultures

Biopta can access tissues from patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis.  Inflammation of mucosa is a defining feature of these conditions.  Biopta can secure tissue from these patients and using our organoculture model we are able to examine production of cytokines or other endogenous mediators at baseline level and in response to your test compounds.

Gastrointestinal biopsies (5mm2) are prepared and set up in media as per the image above.  The biopsies can be maintained for 24h (see image below) and supernatant samples can be taken at various time points for the measurement of cytokine and chemokine levels in the presence or absence of test compound.


Cytokine profiles in normal and diseased tissue

  • More than 40 cytokines/chemokines were measured in a pilot study to investigate the cytokine release profiles in healthy and diseased tissue.
  • Biopsies from three healthy, three Crohn’s and six ulcerative colitis patients were tested and compared.
  • Differences in the cytokine profile from each disease group were observed.
  • Both disease groups showed separation from the healthy group for a range of key inflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
  • The cytokine profiles observed correlated well with literature from clinical studies.




Download our Explants of Inflammatory bowel disease tissue in culture flyer here

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