Precision cut lung slices

Precision cut lung slices

Human and animal lung slices: a phenotypically-accurate functional assay system for screening and target validation

Precision-cut lung slices  (PCLS) are increasingly in demand for  the testing of xenobiotics, chemicals and cosmetics. By retaining both the structural and functional integrity of human or animal lungs, the method combines throughput with relevance, offering a phenotypically-accurate model of lung behaviour.

Moreover, Biopta’s unique access to healthy and diseased lung allows it to investigate drug effects in patients with COPD or asthma. Cross-species comparisons also allow the translation of preclinical animal  data to the human situation to be assessed.


Precision-cut lung slices:

  • Slices can be kept in culture for up to 7 days (Image 1)
  • Dozens of slices can be created from each donor or animal lung
  • The effect of test compounds on biomarker release, structural integrity, tissue viability or inflammatory processes can be evaluated (Image 2)
  • Biopta will work with you to design a protocol that meets your requirements.
Image 1
Image 2

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