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About Biopta

Biopta is the leading company focussed on the use of fresh functional human tissues in drug development.

Based in Glasgow, UK, and Maryland, USA, the Biopta Group has been providing contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry since 2002 and has established itself as the world leader in the use of fresh functional human tissues to better predict drug activity prior to clinical trials.

Biopta’s expertise in all areas of human tissues research including sourcing, handling and experimenting on human tissue allows us to act as your “Human Tissue Research Department”. Our expert scientists are on-hand 24/7 to create data in fresh human tissues that will add commercial value and de-risk drug development programmes by predicting the safety, efficacy, absorption or metabolism of compounds in phenotypically-relevant healthy and diseased human tissues.

You can find out more about Biopta and news on the life sciences and human tissues industry on the following social media websites - LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Slideshare and Facebook and you can view our videos on our Youtube page.