Biopta is able to provide information on the absorption and metabolism characteristics of your compounds in ex vivo human respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal tissues by employing Ussing Chambers to mount intact sheets of human epithelium that retain all the relevant characteristics to model passive and active transport of substances.

The Ussing chamber allows measurement of short-circuit current through intact membranes, providing information on ion channel activity. Moreover, as the tissue is fresh and functional, transport and metabolism across various regions of the GI tract or trachea/lung can be estimated and compared with data from animal systems or CaCo-2 models. For example, you might wish to compare the absorption of your compound in the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Read an Industry Insight article on the Ussing chamber system.

Biopta's test systems are the only available method to predict the actual absorption and metabolism in intact fresh human tissues, the closest method to testing in the clinic.

Biopta's system is the only method that allows measurements of drug absorption, transporter effects and metabolism in the one experiment, making it more cost-efficient than individual assays. Moreover by using native human tissues it is the closest possible model of humans. We have industry's only database of human tissue assays, register here to view example data from a range of tissues and experimental models.

Biopta will create a protocol customised to meet your ADME needs, allowing confidence that your compounds will be successful in patients.

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