Drug Discovery Services: Lead Identification

Drug Discovery Services: Lead Identification

Perform high throughput screening of drug candidates on complex cell systems grown in 3D for physiologically meaningful data to identify potential leads.

Alvetex 3D Cell Culture Models

3D cell cultures using ReproCELL’s Alvetex technology deliver more in vivo-like results than traditional 2D monolayer cultures.

  • Highly porous inert scaffold made from cross-linked polystyrene (200 μm thick).
  • Suitable for a wide range of cell types including primary or iPSC-derived cells from most organs, various stem cells, cancer, and complex co-culture models.
  • Automation – 96 well and 384 well plate formats compatible with high throughput screening and a variety of assays and techniques.
  • Build more predictive biological models by maintaining in vivo physiological properties, enhancing cell viability and longevity.
  • Simple histology, imaging and RNA/protein isolation analysis endpoints.
  • Add perfusion in 3D for another step closer to in vivo.

SEM of Alvetex Scaffold

96 well and 384 well plate formats available

Co-culture of primary keratinocytes and primary dermal fibroblasts forming a full-thickness human skin construct

Triple fluorescent staining of HepG2 cells grown in 3D on Alvetex Scaffold
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