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De-risking drug discovery

The benefits of performing studies in fresh human tissue: De-risking the drug discovery process. By Dr Laura Antos
When is it important to use fresh human tissues and why might it be important to consider how to consider the relative advantages of cell lines and native tissues? This article explores the advantages of native tissues compared with cell lines for extrapolating the properties of a compound in these systems relative to that in the native human setting.
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Not Just a Gut Feeling - GI Foresight
Knowledge of how drugs affect the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is extremely important in the drug development process. Our latest Industry Insight article discusses the challenges associated with adverse GI side effects and demonstrates how Biopta’s functional tissue assays can help overcome these challenges.
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Assessing Gastrointestinal Toxicity Using Human Fresh Tissues
The prediction of gastrointestinal safety ranges from effects that are potentially life-threatening (such as gastric bleeding with NSAIDs) to those which may appear less severe (such as changes in GI motility) but can have a high impact on patient compliance.
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