Lab Services

Lab Services

Using ethically sourced and obtained human tissues, Biopta is able to provide early indications of drug safety, efficacy and absorption. Our human ex vivo pharmacology models bridge the gap between animal in vivo data and the clinic.

  • Human safety assays: predict adverse effects in healthy human tissues
  • Human efficacy assays: use diseased human tissues to demonstrate drug efficacy
  • Human absorption assays: use respiratory and gastrointestinal tissues to predict drug absorption

This invaluable human data is available during early discovery and development phases and helps reduce the number of compounds which fail in the later stages of drug development.

We offer both customised projects designed to answer your specific questions and we also offer the industry's only catalogue of human functional tissue assays which contains a wide variety of standard assays.

Contact us today to discuss studies in functional tissues that will add commercial value and de-risk development.



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