21 Jun 2018

Human Tissue Experts REPROCELL Launch New Customized Primary Cell Isolation Services

REPROCELL’s BioServe and Biopta tissue procurement networks combine to create a new service isolating human primary cells.

13 Jun 2018

REPROCELL's footprint extends to serve life sciences in India

REPROCELL India (formerly BioServe Biotechnologies) is a state-of-the-art biotechnology company with a mission to serve the life sciences research ecosystem.

25 May 2018

Do animal experiments translate to humans? A report by Elsevier and Bayer uses big data to shed new light on a hotly debated topic

At REPROCELL, we are continually striving to expand our range of human fresh tissue and 3D models of drug safety and efficacy. REPROCELL hosts the only catalogue of human fresh tissue assays with searchable categories of tissue type, receptor and endpoints across a range of therapeutic areas.

18 May 2018

Factors to consider when planning a iPSC reprogramming project

When you are considering beginning a project involving iPSC reprogramming, there are several factors to consider when choosing a reprogramming technology and a service provider.

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Biopta is attending Collaboration Nation on the 14th October following completion of a technology inspired feasibility study.


Biopta will be presenting at Innovate UK’s Collaboration Nation event on the 14th October. This event is a showcase of the inspiring winners of Innovate UK’s recent Technology Inspired feasibility studies competition across four enabling technology areas that underpin future UK growth (Advanced materials; Biosciences; Electronics, sensors and photonics; and Information and communication technology (ICT)).

Biopta has been conducting a study, with the assistance of AstraZeneca,  to assess the feasibility of high content, phenotypic screening in fresh human tissue slices. Fresh tissue slices maintain the architecture and cellular interactions of native tissue and may therefore more accurately predict clinical responses. Multiple parameters can be assessed within each tissue slice using high content biology instrumentation and if applied early in the drug discovery process the potential exists to greatly improve the quality of hits and the lead optimisation process. Screening in fresh human tissues slices may also help to mitigate the risk of late stage clinical failure. Preliminary data shows that it is feasible to miniaturise a precision cut lung slice model from a 12 well  to a 96 well plate format. Tissue viability is maintained up to 24hrs and further work will be conducted to optimise the miniaturisation process and eventually expand to multiple tissue types.

Click here to watch the event live.

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